2018 Glenrose Courage Ride for Rehab
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Please help me to raise money for this very important cause! I am biking 58.3 kms to raise funds and awareness for the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital!
Now, this specific fundraiser hits pretty close to home for me because 3 years ago, my Grandfather was in the Glenrose for almost 6 months after suffering from a stroke. Had he not had the opportunity to go to such a phenomenal place like the Glenrose there’s a high chance that he would not be around today. When he was first admitted into the hospital he could not speak a full sentence or move his body properly. He is now able to have full a conversation and walk. Thanks to the Glenrose my Grandpa is alive today and I have been able to celebrate more of his birthdays and Christmas’ together and even have him attend my  graduation.
My goal is $500 but any amount of money that you’d like to donate to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is a great amount! I can guarantee that you will contribute to changing someone’s life and give them more time with their families.


  • Eunice (about 3 months ago)

    You are a BLESSING to everyone around you, Sarah!

  • Christina (about 3 months ago)

    Love you sweety heart

  • Wendy (about 3 months ago)

    Way to Sarah! So proud of you!!!

  • Taylor (about 3 months ago)

    Way to go !

  • Kathleen Jill (about 3 months ago)

    Good luck Sarah. Im proud of you.

  • Donna (about 3 months ago)

    You make me so proud

  • Megan (about 3 months ago)

    You go girl!

  • Nicola (about 3 months ago)

    Way to go Rexxie

  • Chelsey (about 3 months ago)

    You go girl!

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What: 2018 Glenrose Courage Ride for Rehab
When: Saturday September 8, 2018 at 09:30 AM

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